Thursday 17th April 2014

Johnny Di Francesco | #1 Pizza World Champion

Johnny Di Francesco, owner of 400 Gradi in Brunswick, has taken out the #1 spot at the 2014 Campionato Mondiale della Pizza (Pizza World Championship,) in Parma,

Fresh on the back of his #3 placement at the Las Vegas Pizza Show in March 2014, Johnny wowed judges with his skill and technique.

Johnny Di Francesco | #1 Pizza World Champion


When it comes to making world-class pizza, Australian Pizzaiolo don’t usually spring to mind – but one Aussie is changing that. On invitation, renowned Australian Pizzaiolo Johnny Di Francesco will be heading overseas in February to represent his home country in several key pizza events. The owner of the iconic 400 Gradi in Melbourne will visit Paris, Las Vegas and Parma to share his expert knowledge, and put his unique stamp on the international pizza domain.

Beginning his journey in Paris this February as a guest judge at the famous Parizza, Johnny will then travel to the world’s largest and oldest pizza tradeshow, Pizza Expo, in Las Vegas to act as a guest judge and Australian ambassador. His last stop will fittingly be in the birth country of pizza, Italy, for Parma’s Pizza World Show, where he will compete representing Australia.

A master of his craft, Johnny has earned himself the loving nickname ‘Mr. Pizza,’ in his hometown of Melbourne, and has established a strong reputation amongst
Australian food lovers as being one of the best in the business. Johnny’s passion for Italian cuisine draws from traditional Neapolitan techniques, with his family
originating from Naples.

“It’s a real honor to be invited to once again represent Australia on the world stage. It’s so exciting for me as an Italian-Australian to be able to embrace both cultures through my love of food,”Johnny said.

In addition to the invitations to represent Australia overseas this year, Johnny’s dedication to making world-class pizza has also seen him appointed as Australasian
Principal of V.P.N, – an international association based in Naples that is dedicated to protecting and promoting authentic Neapolitan Pizza. Only two chefs in Australia
have been awarded this honor. Johnny has previously represented Australia at the Pizza Olympics in Las Vegas and the 22nd Annual World Pizza championships in Italy.